Production process

                FASTPCBA Technology Co., Ltd is a professional PCB manufacturer in China, Shenzhen. With 15 years of development, FASPCBA turns into a first class manufacturer of HDI PCB, with production capability 35,000 square meters. FASTPCBA is providing high quality bare PCB and PCB assembly service,including components sourcing, function test,conformal coating and complete assembly for clients all over the world.

                PCBA process

                We are open and transparent on each production process with nothing to hide. We welcome customer inspect our production process and check in house.

                SMT process flow diagram


                FASTPCBA provides high-end SMT patch processing, PCBA processing, PCB rapid proofing and electronic product assembly one-stop service, 14 years PCBA processing manufacturers, the main business has medical equipment PCBA processing, automotive electronic SMT patch, industrial control equipment SMT processing, smart home control equipment SMT, the military scientific research institutions PCB rapid proofing and other high-end customized processing services. High-end quality, quality assurance.


                custom product

                How to obtain a quote for one-stop?PCBA services?

                What files required to get quotation from you?
                For PCB, please provide the Gerber data/files and indication of related technical requirements as well as any special requirement if you have.

                For PCBA(PCB?with?soldered?components),please?provide Gerber files and also BOM (components list), and if you need us to do function test, please also provide the test instruction/procedure.


                PCBs quotation within 2 hours can finished.

                The PCBA depend on the components quantity,if you order is urgently please contact us directly,we will priority to deal it and do ourbest to give you satisfied delivery time.


                Article Description Capability
                Sercive Double-sided PCB and SMT assembly with one-stop service
                Material Laminate materials FR4,?high?TG?FR4,?high?frequency,?alum,?FPC
                Board cutting Number of layers 1-48
                Min.thickness for inner layers(Cu thickness are excluded) 0.003”(0.07mm)
                Board thickness Standard (0.1-4mm±10%)
                Min. Single/Double:0.008±0.004”
                Bow and twist ﹤7/1000
                Copper weight Outer Cu weight 0.5-4 ???0z
                Inner Cu weight 0.5-3 ??0z
                Drilling Min size 0.0078”(0.2mm)
                Drill deviation ±0.002″(0.05mm)
                PTH ?hole ?tolerance ±0.002″(0.005mm)
                NPTH ?hole ?tolerance ±0.002″(0.005mm)
                Solder mask Color Green,white,black,red,blue…
                Min solder mask clearanace 0.003″(0.07mm)
                Thickness (0.012*0.017mm)
                Silkscreen Color white,black,yellow,blue…
                Min size 0.006″(0.15mm)
                E-test Function Test 100% Functional test
                PCBA Testing X-ray,AOI Test,Functional test
                Pcb assembly one-stop service electronic manufacxturer service
                Component sourcing Yes
                Certificate IATF16949,ISO9001,ISO13485
                Delivery time: PCB 3-12days
                PCBA 8-20days
                Tolerance of pcb ±5%
                Max size of finish board 450*450mm
                MOQ NO MOQ (1 pcs is ok)
                Surface Finish Lead free,HASL,ENIG,immersion silver,immersion tin,OSP…
                PCB outline Square,circle,irregular(with jigs)
                package QFN,BGA,SSOP,PLCC,LGA
                Sub-assembly Plastic,metal,screen

                FASTPCBA is a professional SMT patch processing plant, providing high precision PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly technology, 4 hour quick proofing service, 3 million point per day production capacity, top quality control testing equipment, high standard antistatic, 5000 square dust free production workshop for SMT.