PCB manufacturer?commonly used test equipment


                Common PCBA test equipments are: ICT online tester, FCT functional test and aging?test.

                1,?ICT online tester

                ICT is an automatic online tester with a wide range of applications and simple operation. The ICT automatic in-line detector is designed for production process control and can be used by PCB manufacturers to measure resistance, capacitance, inductance, and integrated circuits. It is especially effective for detecting open circuit, short circuit, component damage, etc., fault location is accurate, and it is convenient for PCB manufacturer to carry out daily maintenance.


                2, FCT function test

                The FCT function test means that the PCB manufacturer provides a simulated operating environment such as excitation and load to the PCB board, and can obtain various state parameters of the board to detect whether the functional parameters of the board meet the design requirements. FCT functional testing projects include voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, duty cycle, brightness and color, character recognition, voice recognition, temperature measurement, pressure measurement, motion control, FLASH and EEPROM programming.


                3, Aging test

                The aging test is a process in which the PCB manufacturer simulates the product in various conditions involved in the actual using conditions to the product?aging condition. Long-term power-on test can be performed according to the PCB assembly circuit board of the electronic product to simulate the customer’s using?and test the input/output to ensure that its performance meets the market demand.


                These three test equipments are common in the PCBA process. PCBA testing is performed in the PCBA processing process to ensure that the PCB assembly board delivered to the customer meets the customer’s design requirements and greatly reduces the PCB manufacturer’s product repair rate.

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