How to choose a reliable PCB factory?


                How can I be called a reliable PCB factory?


                A reliable pcb factory values the reliability of the circuit board, the pcb factory’s production capacity, reliable materials, high-quality equipment, through the implementation of standards, one-to-one service, strong case proof, etc … These are your choices for reliable pcb factory.

                pcb factory

                pcb factory

                Nowadays, with the promotion of the Internet of Things and cloud computing in the PCB manufacturing industry, many manufacturing companies around the world have launched the construction of intelligent factories. The PCB assembly industry has become a key target for the construction of intelligent factories due to its many aspects and characteristics. It is also because the intelligence in the SMT field can improve all aspects of the factory, and thus become a gathering place for the intelligent manufacturing practices of entrepreneurs and capital.


                There are currently many people in the market that claim to be able to provide reliable PCBA solutions for technology companies, but in fact, after an in-depth inspection, it is found that?all suppliers?are?confident about their?delivery, price, free engineering, free after-sales. To sum up, the characteristics of these solutions are still favored by customers at a low price. However, it is not reliable in the true sense.


                So, what should we call a “reliable” PCB factory?


                1.The upgrading and transformation of electronic processing enterprises should always focus on the development concept of “improving production efficiency”, which is a feature that reliable pcb factories always have.


                2. Zero defect, zero loss and high efficiency. The construction of a reliable PCB factory must be to eliminate the high defect rate of traditional factories, large component damage, low efficiency as the goal, eliminate waste.


                3, production capacity, yield, efficiency are the labels of reliable pcb factories, an important indicator of pcb production capacity: equipment maintenance.


                4.Delays in delivery due to obsolete equipment and problems, time-consuming maintenance, suddenrepairs, improvement of production, abnormal warning of equipment, etc. are of great significance. Control the scrap rate of Pcb manufacturing process and the quality of assembly test.

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